Site Excavation

Site Excavation

Every construction project begins with site preparation. At S & J Exco, Inc., we believe that a good start is an essential element of successful projects. Site preparation typically covers a wide range of activities defined by the construction project requirements. Right before a construction project is set to begin, the infrastructure must be built and prepared.

These activities typically include site clearing, grubbing and stump removal; rough grading or catch basins and drywells; setting up construction roadways; parking areas and pads for temporary facilities; and erosion control measures implementation.

We understand that each construction site is different and presents its own set of challenges. We follow methodically the base components of site preparation, clearing and grubbing, erosion control, grading, utility system installations. Each site preparation project also demands versatility and innovation in order to develop specific solutions that allow projects to stay on time and on budget.

S & J Exco, Inc. works closely with specialists of the critically important components of the project including surveying and construction layout. We perform many aspects of the typical site preparation project and we coordinate all construction required to complete site preparation, allowing our clients to focus on follow-up building construction. We have the resources to handle any size of residential site preparation projects and are serving most Barnstable and Plymouth county area in Massachusetts.

Our staff of excavation professionals is skilled in providing a wide range of construction services and are trained to deal with today’s challenging construction projects. Our fleet of modern construction equipment allows us to meet the needs of the most specialized project. We have the capital and human resources necessary to get the job done and are committed to providing the necessary personal attention to each client and each project to ensure success.

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